Envisioned for the “Phantom Olympics” of Tokyo projected in 1940,
this three-story wooden building with majestic Japanese cedar trees was born,
now registered as a “Tangible Cultural Property”.
Relaxation awaits beyond the history with a panoramic view of Lake Towada.

Find the Overwhelming Beauty of the Architecture and Temple Carpenters’ Spirits
on the Lakeside of Mystic Lake Towada

  • 本館
  • 別館

The struggles and rivalries of 80 temple and shrine carpenters –
Miyadaiku- have given rise to the sophistication on the exterior and uniquely elaborate interiors in each guest room.
This historically significant building has welcomed numerous VIP guests over years.

Seasonal scenes and warmth

Exquisite Time in Open-Air Bath

The Ripples on the Lake’s Surface,
the Smell of the Woods, and the Wisper of the Trees:
Be a Part of Lake Towada’s Surroundings
in the Open-Air Bath


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